WordPress Plug-in Flaw Puts More Than 60,000 UK Websites At Risk?

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WordPress, the ubiquitous content management platform, used by hundreds of millions of business websites worldwide, has a long history of plug-in vulnerability risks. The latest confirmed vulnerability comes from the WooCommerce Checkout Manager extension.

The patch for the plug-in is available here – and website owners are advised to log-in and update their WordPress plug-ins regularly.

The developers behind WooCommerce Checkout Manager released a statement:

“Earlier this week, an arbitrary file upload vulnerability has been found in popular WordPress plugin WooCommerce Checkout Manager which extends the functionality of well-known WooCommerce plugin,”

The old plug-in has been removed but the risk posed by the vulnerability can impact 60,000 UK businesses. If you are unsure about how this impacts your SME’s website, why not get your web developer to help you update your WordPress platform? Or alternatively use WordPress.org’s helpful guides to help you learn more about patch updates.

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