The most important thing about our IT support is

talking to our clients, listening to their problems and getting to understand their needs.

Customer comments about our work

Using our expert IT Consultants, North West businesses have received excellent service at an affordable cost.

Jan Birch Managing Director, Blemish Clinic

"Our business has been growing rapidly and we needed advice on how to expand our system into new office space. IGC provided us with a new server, SPAM software and PCs, and were a big help all the way through the process."

Roy Tindall Managing Director, Reddish Vale Asbestos Removal Ltd

"We had been paying another company for a computer support contract but every time there was a problem, the contract didn't seem to cover that issue. Like many busy owners I really didn't know what we were actually getting for our money until I looked in detail and it wasn't very much. We decided to switch to IGC because they were down-to-earth and very clear and open in their dealing with us. Our IT system is much more reliable now and I am far more confidant that I know what I can expect for our money."

Osman IT Department, Martin Mulligan Ltd

"I just wanted to thank you very much. The computers are all running fine again and the server also looks fine. The last week was quite stressful, but it was worth a lot. Thanks again."

Alan Batton IFA Tailor Made Financial Solutions

"I'm an IFA and all my work is via my laptop, in front of my clients. Without it I'm knackered to be honest. So I rely on Ian and his team to keep me up and running despite the abuse I put my computer through."

Guy Parker Managing Director, GAP PR and Marketing Ltd

"We're a marketing consultancy and need to network with remote suppliers and customers throughout the world. IGC have set us up to do this and given us remote data back-up in case we get into difficulties."