How long would it take you to recover from a disaster?

Our offsite backups help us to recover within minutes!


Automated Offsite Backups remove the human error element ensuring your backups are safe & secure.

Disaster can happen at any time. Business critical systems go down and information gets lost. The most common causes of disaster include power outages, hardware or software failures, viruses, human error and a lack of offsite backups. The SC range of backup storage solutions keeps your business operational in the event of a disaster. We provided a back-up to recover critical data and applications in the event of a system failure.  With recovery times as low as 5 minutes you can re-assured your business will continue to operate should the unthinkable happen.

Offsite Backups Standard

  • Our standard service is an affordable offsite backup solution which is a direct replacement for a tape backup solution but more reliable.
  • We make sure you can backup or restore your data as fast as your internet connection will allow.
  • Backups are stored offsite for maximum safety and security.
  • Data encryption whilst in transit and at the data centre.
  • Setup suitable schedules for backup with Continuous Data Protection.
  • We’ll take care of your full backup management and monitoring for you.

Offsite Backups Premium

  • Our premium backup solution is for critical applications, we can recover from the disaster in as little as 5 minutes. In addition to all the benefits from of the Standart Backup.
  • Premium business – designed for small businesses that do not require a rack mounted unit, but needs unmatched Recovery Time Objective.
  • Premium Professional – aimed at medium-sized businesses looking for the best in business continuity.
  • Premium Enterprise – Optimised for simultaneous virtualisation and replication in large environments.

Secure Backup Solutions will protect your system from unwanted data loss, if you would like to discuss backup solutions that best suit your business then please get in touch.

Remember not all Off Site backup solutions are based in the UK and as such do not have to conform to our data protection laws.