Windows 10 Upgrade Tactics, Users Fightback With Petition

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Anger and noises of discontent directed at Microsoft’s tactical changes in their campaign to speed the uptake of the Windows 10 free upgrade before the cut-off date have been building over the last month.

Finally, it seems that disgruntled users can take no more, and as reported in ‘the Inquirer’ a petition has been launched to request that the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) wade in to help.

What’s It All About?

Windows users have been given the chance over the past year to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8.1 via online prompts. A change in tactics dating back to February however has meant a shift to ‘Recommended’ from Microsoft which essentially means that users get an automatic download and install onto their PC. Some users have noted that the install began before the instructions on how to stop it were clear, and that once the install begins it can’t be stopped.

Users have also complained that whereas a notification message about the upgrade should be able to be dismissed by clicking on the ‘X’ in the top corner, Microsoft’s tactical changes mean that a click on the ‘X’ is now taken as approval for the upgrade to begin.

Other criticisms from users relate to alleged issues like:

  • The tracking practices in Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • Frustration about a lack of communication from Microsoft about the tactical changes.
  • A lack of clarity about the upgrade and the upgrade process.
  • Accusations that Windows 10 is uninstalling software from users computers on its own without requesting it from the user.
  • Anger about Microsoft allegedly stating that they will stop allowing software to be installed through any means other than their store.
  • Unhappiness about feeling forced into accepting upgrades from an organisation which some say have what equates to a monopoly on the OS market.


The anger from users has now turned into a fightback in the form of a petition and a request for help from the EFF.

The strongly worded petition on requests that “The EFF investigate Microsoft for malicious practices regarding Windows 10”.

The petition can be viewed and signed here:

The EFF is a donor funded NPO formed in 1990 that aims defends civil liberties in the digital world using technological expertise, activists, and attorneys to advise policymakers and educate the press and the public.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

The time for taking up the offer of the free upgrade is fast approaching (by July 29th). If you’re still running older versions of Windows such as 7 & 8.1 it appears as though you will need to very soon make a decision about upgrading to Windows 10 and be very careful about how you respond to any notifications that you receive to prompt you to upgrade.

Now may be the time therefore to seek professional advice on the subject.

It is also worth seeking information about the many benefits and positive aspects of Windows 10 rather than simply focusing on the potential risks.

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