Why use a hosted desktop?

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hosted desktop manchesterHosted desktops offer both users and IT managers a number of advantages over traditional desktop based IT systems. The fact that they are centralised enables them to overcome many of the issues normally associated with mobile working. Their common infrastructure can be implemented across all of your physical sites and also keeps your costs tightly under control.

Vital services such as disaster recovery are more easily managed, as are upscaling or downscaling the size of your network to match your workforce.

Each individual can be given access via an internet browser to your company’s standard office tools as well as document storage and specialist applications needed for specific groups of employees. As new people join or new software tools are needed by the organisation, you can simply add them via your cloud based system.

Implementation times and costs are often drastically reduced as well as giving your IT department the necessary tools to control migration to new versions of existing software.

Find a quality supplier

By using a hosted desktop solution you will be outsourcing a considerable part of your system, so choosing the right supplier is vital. You must ensure they have high standards of data security and compliance, as well as knowing they have the right level of technical support when you need it.

IGC have implemented a range of different hosted desktop systems for SMEs across the North West and would be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Please contact us to arrange a first discussion.

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