What is the Internet of Things?

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internet of things securityThe Internet of Things may be a phrase you have heard but are not really sure what it means.

It is actually fairly easy to understand, it is a phrase that has been developed to cover all of those “intelligent” items that have electronics, sensors and software embedded in them and can communicate across the internet, often to the product manufacturer.

For example your desktop printer may be able to communicate it’s ink status to some remote location either to remind you to purchase new cartridges or to trigger a service department to ship you replacements.

This may or may not be desireable but it’s never going to go away and is certainly going to carry on expanding as more and more “things” become part of your network. Research analyst Gartner predicted there will be 26 billion units connected by 2020.

So how can you cope and ensure your systems are not being compromised?

Actions you need to take include:

  • make sure your business has access to security specialists who can help develop your network with you
  • if you are a product manufacturer ensure your design team is aware of the best security practices
  • ensure your staff are educated in security control of their systems and implement them

IGC can assist you create a secure working environment that protects your company’s day-to-day operations as well intellectual property and sensitive data.

Please give us a call for an initial discussion.

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