UK CEOs think cyber attacks are “inevitable”

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Business services giant, KPMG, surveyed UK CEOs about cyber attacks and cyber crime more generally. The findings illustrate a changing shared attitude towards cyber criminality within the c-suite landscape. CEOs believe cyber attack prevention is about the “when” not “if” an attack will occur.

With four in 10 CEOs believing cyber attacks on their businesses will occur and that opportunities for defence are becoming a central part of the boardroom narrative in order to protect their businesses from harmful cyber attack invasions.

KPMG Noted:

“The seeming inevitability of a cyber-attack crosses all borders and has now crossed firmly over the threshold for board-level discussions. Protecting the business from a cyber-attack has jumped further up the boardroom agenda and we are seeing businesses making their defences the best that they can be.”

However, behind the pessimistic outlook a more aware sensitivity exists – one that finds 39% of businesses believing their organisations are ‘very well’ prepared to counter any cyber intrusion within their business organisation. The mature understanding being developed by business leaders is also backed-up by a more determined IT leadership strategy by IT managers.

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