Tech Tip – How To Send Large Files For Free

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If you need to send a file online, but that file is too big to send by email, there are several simple, effective and secure alternatives.  Here are some suggestions:

– Use file compression to shrink the file size anyway before sending/transferring. For example, try RAR compression instead of ZIP.  Open source 7-Zip provides effective file compression.

– Upload your file to a cloud-based storage service and share / retrieve from there.  For example, Google Drive (offers up to 15GB of free storage), Dropbox (offers 2GB of free storage space and a variety of sharing options.), Microsoft’s OneDrive (offers 5 gigabytes of free storage), MediaFire (offers 50GB of free storage + simple sharing tools).

– Use a free file transfer service e.g. WeTransfer where you can send files up to 2GB without needing to register, or use free FTP software e.g. Cyberduck, FileZilla, or Chrome’s sFTP Client extension.

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