Tech Tip – How To Put YouTube Videos on Automatic Repeat

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If you’d like to put a YouTube video on repeat play e.g. because you want to watch or show a work / instructional video, or even listen to your favourite music on a loop while working on your laptop, there are two easy ways to do it.  Here’s how:

Go to and navigate to your chosen video.

Method 1

Put the mouse over the video or the play button, right-mouse click, and select the ‘Loop’ option from the drop-down list

Method 2

Go to URL of the video you’re watching e.g.

Remove the https://www part.

Type the word ‘repeat’ after the word ‘youtube’ in what’s left of the URL e.g.

Hit the enter button, you will be re-directed to the website, and your chosen video should now repeat until the page is closed.

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