Tech Tip – A Free Online HTML Editor

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If you’d like to be able to quickly write or edit a piece of content so that it can be easily used online without having to download or purchase HTML editors, try using a free, online HTML editor.

For example, go to 

Type or paste your text into the right-hand side window.  The HTML appears in the left-hand window.  Both are editable.

You can, for example, select all the text in the right-hand window (click in the window, CTRL + A), select ‘Format’ (top bar), and select ‘Clear Formatting’.  This will clean up the code so that you can add your own formatting, links, bold, etc.

If you’d like to save your work as an HTML page, click in the left hand window and use CTRL + A (to copy the HTML code), open Notepad by typing Notepad the Windows search bottom left, CTRL +V to paste into the notepad file, and save the notepad page as a HTML page. 

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