Symantec Opinion: “Not If, But When And By Whom” – The Centralised Thinking for IT Leaders

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Symantec Corporation, one of the world’s biggest data security providers, argues that the ever-changing IT landscape means that network managers, IT leaders and business managers need to move away from theoretical “ifs” and instead focus on the probabilities of “when and by whom” their network infrastructure will be attacked maliciously.

Symantec argues:

“In a multi-platform environment, sensitive information may no longer be completely under our control. It could be on any device, shared in unauthorized locations, or accessed by the right people in the wrong way. This raises the need to manage every facet of what is being accessed, by whom, when, where, and how.”

They argue that data discovery, visibility of data flows, data classification, identify management, encryption, access control along with sound governance and compliance in collaboration will help protect businesses.

To find out more, why not read Symantec’s latest research here

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