SME organisations ‘clueless’ about GDPR

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According to The Independent, small businesses are contravening GDPR with untold consequences for personal data and long-term security. Companies reported a barrage on rule-breaking activities and behaviours. The risk of a multi-million euro fine hasn’t quite impacted on SME leadership in relation to the scale and scope of GDPR within the workplace.

The survey found:

“More than a quarter of those polled allowed staff to use their own computers, tablets and phones for work purposes which contravene rules as personal data could be stored unencrypted at home.

And one in ten revealed they have visitor books in their HQ – where visitors can freely see details of others who have been there previously.

Paper diaries were used by 26 per cent of the businesses polled – which could contain private information or customer details and be easily misplaced, while 10 per cent said the circulation of printed out sponsorship forms – which often contain names and addresses – was common at their place of work, which is another contravention of GDPR rules.”

For any SME owner/Managing Director looking to ‘touch-up’ on GDPR skills – look no further than the ICO’s small business toolkit which provides assessment tools, rule guidelines and GDPR articles to help you understand your responsibilities in relation to managing, processing and interacting with personal information.

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