Quality, not Quantity, will Help You In Your Paid Advertising Content Marketing Endeavours

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Google has always been quite open about how to get good search result positions in terms of SEO activity and content strategy planning – just write good, original and purposeful content that people, not bots, want to read. Gone are the ‘black hat’ days of old, 2019 is all about quality content to help drive sales.

If you’re using marketing channels to direct would-be customers to your digital content to help push them along in their customer journey, you need to understand the relevance and importance placed on quality. But authenticity and value must be front and centre in all your digital content outputs in 2019. By capitalising on changing content consumption means – as outlined above from video to voice searches – your content needs to be easily personalised. You need to leverage the power of your eCommerce, digital platforms and other tech experiences to help make your content personally relevant to your customers.

To Do In 2019:

– Be ‘authentic’ and open – your content needs to be useful, educational and original.

– Plan, plan and plan – You need a content strategy to help connect your marketing strategies with your content needs.

– Clickbait is Dead – It is time to focus on personalisation when creating and deploying content.

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