Over A Million Fingerprints Exposed In Data Breach

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It has been reported that more than one million fingerprints have been exposed online by biometric security firm Suprema which appears to have installed its standard Biostar 2 product on an open network.

Suprema and Biostar 2

Suprema is a South Korea-based biometric technology company and is one of the world’s top 50 security manufacturers.  Suprema offers products including biometric access control systems, time and attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions and embedded fingerprint modules.

Biostar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated security platform for access control and time and attendance, manage user permissions, integrate with 3rd party security apps, and record activity logs.  Biostar 2 is used by many thousands of companies and organisations worldwide, including the UK’s Metropolitan Police as a tool to control access to parts of secure facilities. Biostar 2 uses fingerprint scanning and recognition as part of this access control system.

What Happened?

Researchers working with cyber-security firm VPNMentor have reported that they were able to access data from Biostar 2 from 5 August until it was made private again on 13 August (Suprema were contacted by VPNMentor about the problem on 7th August).  It is not clear how long before 5 August the data had been exposed online.  The exposure of personal data to public access is believed to have been caused by the Biostar 2 product being placed on an open network.

In addition to more than one million fingerprint records being exposed, the VPNMentor researchers also claim to have found photographs of people, facial recognition data, names, addresses, unencrypted usernames and passwords, employment history details, mobile device and OS information, and even records of when employees had accessed secure areas.

VPNMentor claims that its team was able to access over 27.8 million records, a total of 23 gigabytes of data,


VPNMentor claims that many businesses worldwide were affected.  In the UK, for example, VPNMentor claims that Associated Polymer Resources (a plastics recycling company), Tile Mountain (a home decor and DIY supplier), and Medical supply store Farla Medical were among those affected.

It has been reported that the UK’s data protection watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has said that it was aware of reports about Biostar 2 and would be making enquiries.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

For companies and organisations using Biostar 2, this is very worrying and is a reminder of how data breaches can occur through third-party routes.

In this case, fingerprint records were exposed, and the worry is that this kind of data can never be secured again once it has been stolen. Also, the large amount of other personal employee data that was taken could not only affect individual businesses but could also mean that employees and clients could be targeted for fraud and other crimes e.g. phishing campaigns and even blackmail and extortion.

The breach may have been avoided had Suprema secured its servers with better protection measures, not saved actual fingerprints but a version that couldn’t be reverse engineered instead, implemented better rules on databases, and not left a system that didn’t require authentication open to the internet.  Those companies that are still using and have concerns about Biostar2 may now wish to contact Suprema for assurances about security.

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