Only 34% of UK citizens trust companies managing their personal information

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The glum figure comes courtesy of the ICO’s annual Original Benchmark Research programme. The annual audit of public perception on cyber security found that trust and confidence in businesses storing and using personal data had increased from 21% in 2017 to 34% in 2018.

However, trust in digital and social media platforms fell to one in seven respondents – 15%. This was, in all probability, a response by consumers due to the Cambridge Analytica Russian interference news continuing to rumble on.

The ICO argued that the new research highlights the importance of transparency and accountability when dealing with private data: “Across the world, people have woken up to the importance of personal data and how it’s used. Personal data has become the currency by which society does business, but advances in technology should not mean organisations racing ahead of people’s rights. Individuals should be the ones in control and organisations must demonstrate their accountability to the public.

It’s certainly positive news that more people now trust organisations with their data and the GDPR and the new Data Protection Act 2018 will have played a part in this. Many businesses, charities, and public bodies have actively taken the time to explain the new rules and have actively taken on board new obligations to protect personal data.”

The ICO also published a full report, with the full findings. The release coincided with the launch of the ICO’s “Your Data Matters” campaign which will help increase the public’s awareness of data rights and commercial obligations.

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