Office 365 Overview

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Office 365small business IT support office 365 is one of the cloud based products offered by Microsoft and is one of their key offerings for business users, both for start-ups and those that are more established. We’ve outlined some of the key product features below:

  • Access to your documents from anywhere with an internet connection. You can use Word and Excel from different devices and different locations and share new items and updates with your team wherever they are based. This links into OneDrive for Business giving you a single cloud based storage location.
  • Security is improved. With regular data backups Office 365 protects you from loss of data or theft and/or damage of a laptop, for example. In the event of one device going missing or having a technical issue, you can carry on working from another one right away.
  • Updates. The software you access is always up-to-date as you are using it directly from Microsoft and not via your local server or machine. This means security patches and new features are available as soon as they are released and to your entire team.
  • Extending your system. When you are ready to expand you can add extra team members easily. You can also add extra products such as CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and make it available instantly to your team.
  • Technical support. We provide direct technical support to our clients but you will also have the support of Microsoft themselves who provide web and telephone support for critical issues and a 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

We have helped many start-ups and established businesses either create a new Office 365 based network or migrate to one from their current setup. Please call us on 0161 660 5154 to arrange an initial discussion or send us a contact form and we will be in touch.

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