New Apps to Help You Protect Your Contact Details and Prevent Credit Card Fraud

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Part of the reason why our email boxes are constantly filling up with promotional messages is that we’ve given companies our details and can’t change them easily.

Now there are two new apps that combine to help you to take back control.

The Problem

Once you’ve signed up for something or ordered something online, you have given your email address and telephone numbers to companies who you may then find it very difficult to unsubscribe from. It is also unlikely that you’re able to keep track of all those companies who you have given those same contact details to over time. The result is a stream of seemingly endless emails, phone calls, and possibly even having your credit card charged each month where it may not have been clear that this would happen.

The Sudo Solution

One possible solution comes in the form of two new apps from Anonyome Labs. The SudoApp and SudoPay apps enable you to create and delete temporary identities as and when you need them, and protect yourself from credit card fraud.

The SudoApp enables you to create different identities and fully customise the name, email address and phone number for those identities. All communication happens through the app where you have an email-inbox and threaded SMS messages just as you would on your phone. For extra privacy, the app also has a web browser with built-in ad-blocking and private browsing.

The SudoPay app allows you to create a pre-paid debit card that can be used with any of the identities you create in the SudoApp. What this means is that you can give credit card details that will enable you to pay for something, but have no actual connection to your real credit card. This allows you to completely avoid credit card fraud or problems with overcharging.

Aimed at Two Types of Customer

Reports about the apps appear to show that they have been developed with two types of target customer in mind. The first is the technically minded/frequent web user who would like to maintain their privacy, and who may benefit greatly from being able to easily set up separate identities to help them achieve this.

The second type of client is the domestic user who needs to organise and keep the different parts of their life separate.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Keeping your business inbox free from clutter and keeping the business phone free from unwanted calls are of course important.

Being able to communicate with another person/business, or to sign up to receive/download content without giving your true contact details, can also sometimes be helpful.

It is also particularly important to protect you and your business from credit card fraud.

Although things like disposable emails have been available for some time (e.g., these new Sudo apps have the advantage of having the identity/privacy and credit card protection available in an all-in-one, easy to use package.

It also appears to be an affordable solution and you can have nine identities for free, which includes unlimited calling and texting and 1GB of email.

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