Massive Shortage in Cyber-Security “Experts” Could Cost Companies More In The Longer Term

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As more and more companies start putting cyber security at the heart of their entire IT management approach, there has been a greater push towards recruiting cyber security practitioners. However, there is one slight issue. There are more cyber security jobs than cyber security professionals. This is a ticking-time-bomb that could hurtle millions of companies towards cyber attack outcomes that could end up costing them hundreds of thousands if not millions.

As the world of business continues to move into the cloud, and embrace the Internet of Things along with “Bring your own Device” rules on employee smartphones, there is a whole load of problems being stored that requires proactive and professional cyber security support to help manage.

CNBC articulates further on this point:

“While hands-on, technical skills are the most sought-after by employers, many schools lack trained teachers or course materials in cybersecurity — depriving students of the opportunity to pick up critical skills required of cybersecurity professionals today. For years, cybersecurity was not a common area of study and there weren’t a lot of programs focused on it, Ricciuto explained.

In fact, a 2016 survey from Raytheon found that 62 percent of students from 12 countries said that a career in cybersecurity had never been mentioned to them by their career advisor or teachers. A lack of cybersecurity staff can also increase the risk of other employees’ errors — which has long been touted as one of the largest cyber risks for businesses. What we hear from experts is that the human is the weakest link in cybersecurity. Humans are not perfect and they can easily be tricked,” said Cassy Lalan, a spokeswoman for IBM Security. That is, experts say the easiest way for hackers to access a company’s systems is from the inside, through untrained employees.”

Therefore, if you’re looking to hire a practitioner and want to help change your business’s cyber crime culture, you might have to dig deep both financially and culturally to help drive change that could help improve your overall cyber security experience.

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