Major websites flagged up as “not secure” by Chrome

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The latest version of Chrome has flagged up “not secure” pop-ups for sites not using HTTPs – the secure version of the internet’s data transfer protocol system, as approved by the web’s governing body. The use of HTTPs standards is designed to improve user protection against theft and hacking. However, according to research, only 20% of the top 500 most popular websites have transferred to HTTPs. This new “not secure” warning could affect brand trust and smaller businesses should heed this warning.

The new “not secure” flag has appeared on major UK sites – from Argos, Sky Sports to Mail Online. The National Cyber Security Agency, a GCHQ division, argues:

“Securing websites, so they keep user data private, is an essential element of the modern web. There are many aspects to this, but a couple of the most important are: ensuring that users see the site they are expecting and that their data is protected when they send it to the site. Fortunately, both of these are easily achieved using HTTPS.”

By moving to HTTPs you can help your website remain secure and trusted by consumers in an ever-changing cyber security landscape.

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