LightSpeed Creates Easy-to-Understand POS Guide for New Small Businesses

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E-commerce is growing and we are all told relentlessly it will dominate business. However, with 85% of all transactions coming from bricks and mortar-based sales, there is still a crucial need to continue selling from a physical location. Hospitality start-ups know this well. That’s why LightSpeed has created a unique starter guide for POS newbies. You might have the best restaurant concept or bar concept idea but without understanding the dynamics of Point of Sale systems, your business could fail.

POS (or Point of Sale) is about the full functionality of the EPOS process from stock control to audit trails. This useful guide can help people understand the different dynamics faced by different sectors – from restaurant to hotels – when developing a unique POS solution for their own unique needs.

To read the guide in full, click here.

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