It’s That Time Again – Microsoft Patch Updates

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February has come and gone, and with it a new round of Microsoft patch updates. The serially buggy Windows 10 has a rather love/hate relationship with IT managers – especially IT ecosystems with Windows 10 which was missed whilst legacy Win7 and 8.1 was patched up with a weird unknown patch.

Some argue this is because Microsoft wants to really make sure it hits all the right patch update chords but some argue it could be a hodgepodge repair job.

Computer World articulates:

“There’s a smattering of new bugs introduced by the Patch Tuesday patches, and subsequently fixed by Third Tuesday patches. The most entertaining of the lot is the Internet Explorer backslash bug. Of course, you don’t use IE, but for those who do… February’s Patch Tuesday patches for Win7 and 8.1 contained this weird, acknowledged, bug: After installing this update, Internet Explorer may fail to load images with a backslash (\) in their relative source path. That bug, and several others, were fixed in the Third Tuesday Monthly Rollup preview patches – but those aren’t distributed through normal channels. You have to wait until later in March, when the Monthly Rollup Preview patches will (presumably) be added to the March Monthly Rollups. Got that? A bug in the February security update is fixed by a patch in the next month’s (presumably non-security) monthly rollup.”

To find out more about Microsoft’s patch update cycle and to understand more about the importance of updating patches on Windows systems, Microsoft has a support website that can help you plan and execute patch updates for your business.

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