ICO Appoints “AI” Policy Researcher To Explore The Threat of AI on Data Privacy

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The Information Commissioner’s Office has appointed its first ‘Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence’. Dr Reuben Binns, a leading academic in this field, will according to the ICO explore the dynamics of AI and data protection through the context of framework planning.

The ICO stated:

“During his two-year term, Dr Binns will research and investigate a framework for auditing algorithms and conduct further in-depth research activities in AI and machine learning.

His appointment supports the ICO’s goal of developing and enhancing its expertise and work in this increasingly important area.

Dr Binns is currently a researcher in Computer Science at the University of Oxford. His research interests include technical, legal and ethical aspects of privacy, machine learning, and decentralised systems.”

The ICO hopes Dr Binns’ recruitment will help the UK’s data privacy regulator understand the fast-changing environment that is Artificial Intelligence and how misuse could be better regulated when massive AI change starts to affect the way personal data is deployed.

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