How the Latest Grindr App Security Breach Could Cause Problems for Your BYOD Policies

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Keeping your organisation safe and secure as the growing cyber threat looms large is a 24/7 experience for senior IT leadership in the UK’s business landscape. However, the news that the LGTBQ dating app, Grindr, has been identified as a data breach risk – thanks to its Chinese corporate parentage. The growing ownership of Chinese, Russian and other state-dominated nations could pose a cyber risk to your business.

If you offer your staff a Bring Your Own Device experience for smartphones, you could open your business up to indirect risks like the one outlined by the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the United States.

Your IT leadership needs to implement stringent policies that take account for users app usage whilst firewalling your business content from this risk. The main point of contention will be to decide what apps will be allowed and banned. This useful app by CIO Magazine can help SMEs construct BYOD policies that can protect them from major app data breach scandals.

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