Google’s New “New vs Returning” Visitor Analytics Tool Helping Marketing Professionals Understand Visitor Demographics In Ever Greater Detail

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New segment analysis can help advertisers understand wider brand engagement experiences by facilitating an offline versus online paradigm shift – one that helps advertisers understand how footfall can impact their digital marketing experiences.

Search Engine Land note:

“Advertisers who are measuring store visits from people who have engaged with their Google ads, will be able to analyze how many of those visitors are new or repeat customers.

That segmentation can help advertisers better understand how campaigns are driving incremental store visits or loyalty from past customers. With that information, advertisers can focus budget and bids on the areas that are most important to them.

Store visits reports can be segmented based on the time period you’ve selected for the “customer lapse window.”

The new platform will allow returning users reporting to engage in a conversation window with the analytics platform. However, the new data on store visits in Google Ads will help diversify the Google Ads experience for multi-channel marketing professionals.

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