Gartner predicts massive increase in Biometric spending to curb Cyber Security threats by 2022

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Gartner, the global IT research giant, has published research that indicates a gradual shift in cyber security awareness – one that sees a changing pattern of behaviour by IT leadership towards biometric technologies.

Gartner argues:

“Security and risk management leaders responsible for identity and access management (IAM) and fraud prevention continue to seek approaches for identity corroboration that balance trust and accountability against the total cost of ownership and UX/CX,” said Ant Allan, research vice president at Gartner. “Biometric authentication uses biological or behavioural traits unique to each person and offers better UX/CX and accountability than other common methods. Implementing this via smartphone apps provides more consistency in UX/CX and is technically simpler than supporting it directly on a variety of different endpoint devices.”

However, Gartner has stated that companies need to be aware of the implications of biometric technologies and how good cyber security cultures are still necessary within any organisation looking for a fully organisational-centric approach to cyber threat prevention.

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