Facebook to Clamp Down on “Clickbait” Headlines

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Facebook is set to change the way content marketers and advertisers will use the social network’s platform by reducing the impact of “engagement bait” styles of digital advertising and by clamping down on “sensationalist” language and headlines that entice users to click links. 

You’ve seen these ads daily. They are the “You’ll be shocked by how this woman lost this much weight by doing this…”. By failing to provide sufficient information (i.e. a conclusion) this advert will now breach Facebook’s terms and will be delisted. 

This means the good guys using the power of sensation and the positives of clickbait need to re-evaluate their approach.

MarketingLand argues the changes will impact the sector:

“Facebook says this heightened enforcement applies to all advertisers, but media, entertainment, political and issue ads may be impacted more as these are ad categories more likely to use such methods. Advertisers with multiple ads flagged for low quality content may see all of their campaigns impacted — meaning if Facebook identifies an advertiser habitually trying to post low quality ads, all of that advertiser’s campaigns may be penalized.”

This now means campaign co-ordinators need to think about how “high-value” their content campaign will score with Facebook’s new approach.

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