Deloitte argues that SMEs need better cloud strategies to improve cloud services control

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There is no doubt that the cloud is here – businesses are already embracing the power of the cloud – from MS Office 365 to Amazon Web Services via a myriad of diverse cloud-based applications that have helped enterprise and start-ups alike blossom online. However, Deloitte’s cyber security team have published a report outlining the importance of sound control frameworks when deploying and utilising cloud-based services.

Deloitte provide business leaders with the steps required for a cloud strategy. The services giant argues that the first step is to understand what level of cloud-based service adoption your business requires. Once adoption levels have been agreed, companies are free to explore the diverse service models and the benefits therein available to businesses. Then businesses need to understand the sophistication integrating such cloud-based services within their current technology will require – will there be an initial capital expenditure? Deloitte even outline some key recommendations:

1 – Understand who in the organisation typically initiates the move to the cloud and enlist the support of the executive management and board.

2 – Key decision makers must be clear about the desired benefits of a cloud strategy and considerations must be given to the type of cloud deployment used – public, private or a hybrid of both.

3 – It’s important to select the right cloud service provider (CSP) for the organisation. The service model has to be decided upon. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

4 – Understanding and setting the culture in the cloud has to be a priority.

5 – Risk and compliance issues have to be considered. Security in the cloud is generally strong.

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