Cutting Out Card Payment Human Error with PaymentSense

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Contactless card payments were introduced nearly a decade ago in the UK and have grown in popularity as more and more sectors use this quick and easy way of taking payment.

This convenient payment experience is now at the heart of hospitality services – from pubs, bars, restaurants, takeaways and beyond. The move towards ‘cashless’ is growing.

However, contactless integration platforms that work with epos technologies, like PaymentSense, help to improve or reduce a whole range of business problems. From cash shrinkage to wrong card payment inputted, there are real human error-related problems that can cost business.

PaymentSense understands that as credit and debit cards have grown in popularity, with the UK government arguing that the debit card now overtaking cash as the ultimate means of payment, the processing of card payments in a digitised and contactless environment should be free of human error.

The benefits of PaymentSense are varied. The ability to accept contactless card payments mean customers are not limited to the physical cash they hold on their person. This digitisation also improves staff productivity as contactless requires minimal human interaction which limits possible avenues for human error. The contactless card payment system makes it easier for assured payments and audit trailing along with reducing cash shrinkage. It also helps to save the environment by reducing receipt printing.

Casio have partnered up with PaymentSense in order to maximise a business’s efficiency and helps to eradicate manual entry pathways for human error by creating a seamlessly integrated technological approach. To find out more about this value-added service with your Casio technology, read more here.

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