CPM Bidding Now Available For Quora Ads

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Before this month, you could only use either target CPA or CPC to buy Quora ads. However, the company, Quora, who only last month unveiled its latest Ads QuickStart Program to help advertisers leverage the power of the 300 million+ unique visitors to the Quora platform, has now allowed new bidding systems to help improve the overall experience.

The new guide will help marketers set up accounts, get started successfully with Quora and, more importantly, how to glean insights from the analytics tools and reports functions. The company believes this will help advertisers’ budgets by providing a useful platform for real engagement over impressions.

The news that CPM Bidding is now available will help drive new and more focused marketing professionals into the Quora ecosystem. Marketing Land goes further:

“With the addition of CPM bidding, advertisers now have three different ways to buy ads on Quora ads. Advertisers can also buy ads on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis or use Quora’s automated target CPA (cost per action) bidding for conversion-optimized campaigns.

“For performance-based advertisers,” Quora says, “We recommend testing CPM bidding in addition to cost per click (CPC) and Conversion Optimized Campaigns you might already be running on Quora if you want to increase your reach.”

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