CISCO launches malicious crypto mining protection

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CISCO, the major IT networking giant, has launched Talos, an innovative technology that can help stop malicious attacks and therein the computational power theft that comes from blockchain crypto mining. CISCO believes the wild nature of cryptocurrency values has provided hackers with the motif for illegal crypto mining.

CISCO’s own research has found that the threat is spreading across the web with diverse channels being  in order to gain access to computational power and space – from web browsers, email to chat applications. The threat to business is gigantic and CISCO’s intervention could help businesses change the way they manage their IT infrastructure in the wake of this new threat.

CISCO noted:

“Talos is leveraging our superior visibility and the unique position and capabilities of Cisco’s security solutions to identify, prevent, and remediate cryptomining infections in our customers’ environments. See the threat once, block it everywhere.”

The CISCO Talos partnership will provide businesses with a new form of protection against an ever-growing malicious form of cryptomining.

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