Cathay Pacific Hack Affects 10 Million Passengers Worldwide

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The personal identifiable information of nearly 10 million Cathay Pacific airline users have been accessed illegally. The breach is one of the biggest in global aviation history. The leak has resulted in a massive data breach – one that has seen email addresses, passport numbers, expired credit card details and other important personal information being released.

The company announced a data security ‘event’ on its blog. The ‘event’ was the discovery of a major unauthorized breach of its IT infrastructure. The company stated:

“We are in the process of contacting affected passengers, using multiple communications channels, and providing them with information on steps they can take to protect themselves. We have no evidence that any personal data has been misused. No-one’s travel or loyalty profile was accessed in full, and no passwords were compromised.”

Anyone affected has been asked to visit to find out more about what they need to do. The company can also contact the UK call centre if they have any worries.

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