Browser Patch Bonanza As All Major Browsers Announce Big Patch Updates

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The last couple of weeks have seen major announcements from Google, Microsoft and Firefox relating to patch updates for their browser products. The major security patches illustrate the changing threat landscape faced by web users and the ever-changing threat dynamics that browser developers need to remain focused upon.

Google unveiled 58 security fixes – including a rare critical vulnerability – which saw code execution threats connected to malicious websites raise the spectre of major Chrome web threats requiring swift patch updates. These threats centred upon SophosLabs’ recently discovered CVE 2018 18500 html5 parsing stream threats.

Mozilla, the developer behind Firefox and Thunderbird, released critical threat fixed patch updates for the same SophosLabs’ CVE threat. The update included a mix of critical and high importance updates for Firefox.

Microsoft has announced the death of Internet Explorer, with IE ending in 2020. The news will impact enterprise computing users – especially public sector bodies still attached to IE. However, IE has fallen by the wayside in the consumer market with Chrome dominating the browsing marketplace.

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