Australian Parliament Hit By Cyber-Hack Event

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The Australian Parliament’s IT system was the victim of a cyber-hack event that looks like a Foreign state-sponsored attack on the Australian legislative body. The hack was unsuccessful as Parliamentary IT specialists stated that no information had been accessed or stolen but as a precaution the entire network’s user ID and passports systems had been reset for all users “as a precaution.”

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, stated that there was no evidence that the government, its agencies or departments, along with individual MPs had been uniquely targeted. However, cyber security experts outside the government have told Australian media that a foreign state actor was the most feasible choice for a villain during this attack.

The Australian government has fallen victim to a spate of recent cyber attacks – with China being the most-often cited actor. This is due to the Australian Chinese relationship in the South Pacific area and the geographical pressures therein. The Government will continue to explore and investigate this threat, however cyber security professionals believe the culprits may get away scot free!

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