AdEspresso Guide to Video Marketing on Instagram

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The geniuses at Hootsuite’s AdEspresso have published a useful guide to help marketers use the power of Instagram – by helping marketing pros understand how newsfeeds and stories can help drive campaigns and how video is at the centre of Instagram marketing success.

AdEspresso outline the steps that get results. They start by advising would-be video marketing newbies to focus on the “type” of the video they want to share. Understanding the dynamics of the type of video they wish to share can enable marketers to better understand how they can create viral campaigns.

The Top Three “Must Dos” Include:

  • Always Brand Your Videos – Your brand helps to convey part of your video narrative and this is a useful storytelling vehicle that can help drive sales
  • Focus on Product (or Service) Videos and always focus on a small number (like 1 or 2 products) and then tell your audience why they need to buy it and how it will change their lives forever.
  • The third way is to focus on developing Educational or Tutorial Videos – These types of video can help give immeasurable value to your Instagram and social media brand

To find out more about AdEspresso’s guide why not read it today? The sooner marketers use the power of Instagram the sooner they tap into a thriving audience pool of unique consumers looking for the unique. Be yourself, tell a story and put your product and brand front and centre whilst always giving value to your would-be customers.

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