The cloud is rising, but is it really that simple?

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70% of firms that have implemented cloud services have seen cost savings and higher levels of productivity. It is no surprise then, that the uptake of cloud services is set to double in 2013 with 42% of organisations in the UK claiming that at least one-fifth of their total IT expenditure in 2013 will be spent on the cloud.

The concept of how the cloud benefits firms is becoming more widely understood and appreciated, and advocates of cloud computing are very keen to show people how simple it is to move to the cloud and reap the rewards. But just how easy is it?

A third of IT executives found that costs related to the implementation of the cloud were higher than they expected, with 31% suggesting that the process of integrating the cloud with existing IT infrastructure creates challenges and problems.

Other problems faced by companies include: loss of control, security risks and lack of transparency of operational control. Overcoming these problems is essential for a smooth transition onto the cloud and the ability to realise the advantages it has to offer. 27% of IT executives suggest that compatibility between a company’s existing IT and their new cloud services is the most important aspect for a smooth transition, with many companies unwilling to move everything to the cloud in one fell swoop.

So, when looking to invest more in cloud services, make sure you spend time choosing the right provider and do not assume that it will be a completely straightforward process.

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