Are PC’s on the way out?

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With worldwide spending on PC’s declining by 6.4% last year, are we seeing the beginning of the end for the desktop PC? And potentially the laptop computer as well?

Upon the release of the iPad and its copycat brands, few people saw tablet computers as a feasible replacement for laptops and desktops, but more recently Microsoft launched Windows 8. While Apple devised separate operating systems for their PC and mobile devices, Windows 8 operates on laptops and touch-screen devices in a very similar way. Furthermore, Microsoft have heavily marketed the idea of amalgamating laptops and tablets. This may suggest, then, that Microsoft are pushing towards tablets becoming the main computing device for both businesses and consumers.

So while initially the computer hardware industry looked towards opening up a new market by introducing tablets, there is evidence to suggest that people are now purchasing tablets instead of PC’s and laptops rather than as well as. But what does this mean for businesses who are happy with their PC’s?

While it is true that Microsoft are moving towards touch-screen centric operating systems, they have vowed to offer support for Windows XP up until next year, so it could be a number of years before Windows Vista and Windows 7 become truly obsolete. Though we may be seeing tablets taking sales from other computing devices market analysts Canalys have suggested that there is a lot of confusion in the market at the moment with consumers struggling to decide between the many different options available. This may also be responsible for declines in industry sales.

But don’t throw your PC away too hastily! Though there has been a change in the way we compute, it would appear that we are still in the transitional stage. Nothing is certain.

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